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Latte Art


Great to the Last Drop

We are an Independent Family Run Business who love serving our customers and getting to know our regulars, we pride ourselves in our Customer Service and we want to give each and every customer the Blenz personal touch.


There is nothing quite like enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. Since 2021, our goal has always been to provide each customer with exactly that. With great tasting sustainable Coffee from UE Coffee Roasters, we use the Solidarity Charity Blend which has Chocolate, Caramel & Tangerine notes so that a percentage of every sale of Coffee Beans gives back to the UE Barista Foundation. We use the Victoria Arduino White Eagle Coffee Machine made from recyclable materials and our Takeaway cups are from Decent Packaging who specialise in Compostable, Plant based materials.

Get to Know Us


Charlotte, founder of Blenz. Passionate about Coffee & Sourdough Toasties. Charlotte always dreamt of owning her own Coffee Shop and after having lived in Melbourne, Australia for 18 months, she wanted to come back and offer great tasting Coffee to the local area and serve tasty Sourdough Toasties. 'Being part of a Community Centre means even more than owning a Coffee Shop to me, getting to know customers who turn into friends and regulars. Being there for them everyday is a big part of the Cafe and it makes everyday worth it.'

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